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Some shitty songs I made because otherwise i would have gone insane. Almost all of the tracks are either electric or acoustic guitar, running through a korg kpmini or through the speaker on my laptop. CHANGED MY MIND! I wanna do another one. So its back.


released March 27, 2012




yVng dVff San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Listening to Super Are by The Boredoms
None, though if you're curious theres three drum tracks with different timed delays, two guitar tracks, one of which is two strummed bar chords on the low E at the 12th and 14th fret, one has crystal reverb (which is pretty Modern Aquatic Nightsongs, but like the low rent Ableton Version) and the other isn't the entire chord and has reverse reverb on the KPmini, delay, overdrive, and tile room reverb. The big whale sound guitar and the rhythmic palm muted arpeggio panned left has reverse reverb (again) and "backbone" reverb with distortion and simple delay for extra texture.
Track Name: Listening To The Glow Pt. 2 By The Microphones
I dunno. im pretty sure they were about us being gay together.